The Groceries are Gone!!!

Make no mistake, I love to shop. I window shop alot. Mostly because I work at the mall and get in lots of mall hours. Even groceries, I don’t mind shopping for… However, I don’t like that soon, Very soon, you have to go back for more. I find this to be very annoying. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fast girl and love to eat food. I love to cook good, smell it. Taste it. EVERYTHING! But I don’t like to havr to make so many trips to the store to pick up the same ol’ things. Maybe that’s what really annoys me about it.
   I have considered not eating. This would solve this problem!! Alas, it only works untill several hours later when: Hmmm, what sounds good? Peanut butter sandwich? Ok. I guess I just don’t have the makings to be one of those “starve myself” kind of people.
   In reality that’s fine by me. I just wish there was some way to not have to go to the store all the time and still have food on hand. Take out is to much money to do all the time especially in my budget.
  Some may say buying in bulk is the solution! But I just can’t bring myself to allocate a large portion of my funds to something I will probably tire of will be like a waste if money. That makes me more upset than having to buy groceries every week!
  Maybe I should invent something that generates the food I want with out having to leave the house…. My grandma would say how about a food replicator. And I would remind her this isn’t Startrek….. Silly Grandma!!! :-p 
  So I guess I am stuck with these options untill technology catches up with my demand. Ugh….untill next time


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