Beans beans the musical diet..

Today I am embarking on the task of starting my “diet.” To the dismay of a friend that I work with, my diet consist of beans everyday. Along with this is something green and egg whites. I have chosen spinach for my green today. Maybe I should invest in beano!
The most taxing part of this diet by far will not be eating the same thing six days a week. It will be eating every 3-4 hours. I never eat breakfast and sometimes skip lunch. I am pretty sure the creator of this wanted not to be hungry…ever. I am not sure how this will affect me, but hopefully I will remember to eat. I think I should set alarms to remind me untill I can get into the swing.
In truth I have no goal weight. As I said in my post, “More is less?” I really only want a good competition. So I guess this is winning via losing. Interesting concept….. I plan to keep you apprised of all the developments. Seeing as this is day one of eating.
If nothing elts I will develop some very good recipes for beans. Wish me luck! Also those around me…….


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  1. Good luck Cindy…….. I lost 125 and I have boiled it down to only one thing. You have to make healthy life style changes to your diet to accomplish your goal. In other words adopt good eating habits for the long term not just to drop some pounds. If you make some minor changes to what you eat and control you portions a bit you will drop at least a pound a week maybe even two. In a year that’s over 50 pounds…… PS…. keep the carbs down late in the day

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