Just when I thought it was safe

Have you ever gotten up in the morning excited about the day ahead of you? I have. Have you gone about your day happy unaware of impending doom? I have. Have you ever had someone get unreasonable angry at you with out a clear explanation of why they are so cross? Yeah? Me too.
Sometimes I think I know what I want. And in reality I do. I just have to go about it by another path. I was waiting on someone. Waiting for them to be ready. For me, for the future, for life. I realize now there is no need to wait for them, they may never be ready. Aka: I got dumped! :-p
I would be sad but I was already upset about it when this realization came to me. So, fret not world! The sun will come up tomorrow, there are plenty of fish in the sea… Blah, blah, whatever.
Besides, live and learn… And stuff. I can’t think of anymore platitudes right now. Besides platitudes make me want to punch people. And since I’m saying them, it would be my own face. And I can’t have that!
After all I am cuter than I have been in years and I get hit on all the time. Just the other day, after being dumped, I was on my way home on the train and the guy working in the train was hitting on me. If I had been in the mood to be flirted with….. Give me a few days, I’ll bounce back!


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