What if I were a Billionaire?

Let’s say, I had a billion dollars. What would I do with it? Well, I would probably spend it. First, I would probably get a nice house. Second, I would travel. Third, I would set up my future just in case. After all you never know!
Now, don’t get confused. I would give to charity as much as I could. The only reason I would buy a house is to have a place to keep my stuff. Probably, the stuff I bought on vaca. Nothing to assuming. Small and cute. I would have it decorated to be peaceful and cozy. A warm place to rest my head.
Travel!!!! I love to go places. I would probably start by making a list of interesting sounding places. I would enjoy every part of every place. My goal would be to live every place more than the last. Because everywhere you go there will be something beautiful that you can’t have anywhere elts!
Now I’m no fool. I know that money melts fast as ice in the dessert. I don’t really know how to make money grow but that’s what they have professionals for. And they would probably get alot of business from me.
I know its only dreaming. But sometimes tough have to say what if? I have decided (just now as I was typing) I am going to make mondays “What If Monday” besides monday can be hard. A little dreaming and pondering is called for! Not all of life can be serious.


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