I’m irrationally angry at you!!!!

When I was younger I always heard of a dreaded and irrational phenomenon called PMS. Now, I never really understood it. Yes, it is true, I am a girl. But I never really suffered many of the symptoms. The only thing I ever had been wildly crippling pain and cramps. Yes, that is enough. (too much if you ask me) lately, however, I have come to suffer from a particularly terrible temperament.
I know that by nature I am a pretty calm and logically minded person. When something makes me angry it has to be pretty grievous! Except for the past few months. The simple things make me angry. Very angry. So much so, it is to the point that I can see that it is unwarranted and a gross overreaction.
I almost would trade this strange to me explosive temper for what I used to have: cramps so bad they made me violently ill and almost unable to move. The thing is, is I can’t call in “irrationally angry due to pms” from work. Although, that should be a thing because I do work in customer service….. Do they make i.b. Prophen in king size?
-Cindy >:-/


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