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Rudolph the social outcast and those judgmental reindeer

As children we are all shown and smothered with the legend of Santa and his magical reindeer. We are lead to believe in a mystical, if not judgmental, being who brings toys and goodies to those children who he had determined are good enough. But that’s not what I was thinking about today. We can tackle that another day.
Rudolph! We all know who and what I’m talking about. For as long as I can remember, I have know about this special reindeer. The one with the red nose. All of us have seen the special on television. And we have all recited the song without fail. A show and song about this reindeer letting us know about his birth and his struggle and the pressure to fit in. because he was apparently born right after a nuclear disaster causing a very bright birth defect. This by itself is strange. I assume maybe one of his parents was one of those bioluminescent jellyfish from deep in the ocean. How a reindeer and a jellyfish met, still not sure. Online dating possibly… However, the particulars of “how” he came into “existence” us not what I’m on about. What I’m really concerned with is the fickle nature of the other reindeer.
Dasher, prancer, dance, all those jerks. That’s what this is really about. I am upset by the fickle nature of these “greater-than-thou” reindeer. First they don’t want anything to do with Rudolph and make fun of him mercilessly. I’m not sure how Rudolph still wanted to be friends with the other reindeer after he came to favor with Santa. I guess this does show the good nature of Rudolph. After all of this I’m not sure I would want to hang with the jerks whose opinions are so easily swayed and could just as quickly fall out of grace. In any case I think we can all learn from Rudolph that it is ok to be different and have a flash light for a face. Happy holidays!