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Thankyou “Brian” I will “look on the bright side”

“Always look on the bright side of life” I forgot how much I love Monty Python. I was listening to some songs the other day and I came across one of my favorite songs of all time which I had somehow forgotten about of late. Many people know the song I’m speaking about. It comes at the end of the Monty Python movie “The Life of Brian” and is called “Always look on the bright side of life”.
The song is silly and featured in a zany comedy, but has a very real and true sentiment at the heart of it. It is very important to keep life in perspective. Ys, bad things happen. Yes, life is a pile of stink. Yes, one day we will all die. BUT, good things happen to! And they tend to happen more often when you are being positive. Besides when you are all doom and gloom everything is bad. So… “laugh, and smile, and dance and sing”.
In my mind it’s like this: you have but one go around. So be happy! I have taken this to heart. I implore you to do the same. Just remember “if life seems jolly rotten there is something you’ve forgotten” 😉 if you are not sure what I’m on about go to itunes and download it! It will be the best thing you downloaded in ages.


I’m irrationally angry at you!!!!

When I was younger I always heard of a dreaded and irrational phenomenon called PMS. Now, I never really understood it. Yes, it is true, I am a girl. But I never really suffered many of the symptoms. The only thing I ever had been wildly crippling pain and cramps. Yes, that is enough. (too much if you ask me) lately, however, I have come to suffer from a particularly terrible temperament.
I know that by nature I am a pretty calm and logically minded person. When something makes me angry it has to be pretty grievous! Except for the past few months. The simple things make me angry. Very angry. So much so, it is to the point that I can see that it is unwarranted and a gross overreaction.
I almost would trade this strange to me explosive temper for what I used to have: cramps so bad they made me violently ill and almost unable to move. The thing is, is I can’t call in “irrationally angry due to pms” from work. Although, that should be a thing because I do work in customer service….. Do they make i.b. Prophen in king size?
-Cindy >:-/

Just when I thought it was safe

Have you ever gotten up in the morning excited about the day ahead of you? I have. Have you gone about your day happy unaware of impending doom? I have. Have you ever had someone get unreasonable angry at you with out a clear explanation of why they are so cross? Yeah? Me too.
Sometimes I think I know what I want. And in reality I do. I just have to go about it by another path. I was waiting on someone. Waiting for them to be ready. For me, for the future, for life. I realize now there is no need to wait for them, they may never be ready. Aka: I got dumped! :-p
I would be sad but I was already upset about it when this realization came to me. So, fret not world! The sun will come up tomorrow, there are plenty of fish in the sea… Blah, blah, whatever.
Besides, live and learn… And stuff. I can’t think of anymore platitudes right now. Besides platitudes make me want to punch people. And since I’m saying them, it would be my own face. And I can’t have that!
After all I am cuter than I have been in years and I get hit on all the time. Just the other day, after being dumped, I was on my way home on the train and the guy working in the train was hitting on me. If I had been in the mood to be flirted with….. Give me a few days, I’ll bounce back!

Beans beans the musical diet..

Today I am embarking on the task of starting my “diet.” To the dismay of a friend that I work with, my diet consist of beans everyday. Along with this is something green and egg whites. I have chosen spinach for my green today. Maybe I should invest in beano!
The most taxing part of this diet by far will not be eating the same thing six days a week. It will be eating every 3-4 hours. I never eat breakfast and sometimes skip lunch. I am pretty sure the creator of this wanted not to be hungry…ever. I am not sure how this will affect me, but hopefully I will remember to eat. I think I should set alarms to remind me untill I can get into the swing.
In truth I have no goal weight. As I said in my post, “More is less?” I really only want a good competition. So I guess this is winning via losing. Interesting concept….. I plan to keep you apprised of all the developments. Seeing as this is day one of eating.
If nothing elts I will develop some very good recipes for beans. Wish me luck! Also those around me…….

The Groceries are Gone!!!

Make no mistake, I love to shop. I window shop alot. Mostly because I work at the mall and get in lots of mall hours. Even groceries, I don’t mind shopping for… However, I don’t like that soon, Very soon, you have to go back for more. I find this to be very annoying. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fast girl and love to eat food. I love to cook good, smell it. Taste it. EVERYTHING! But I don’t like to havr to make so many trips to the store to pick up the same ol’ things. Maybe that’s what really annoys me about it.
   I have considered not eating. This would solve this problem!! Alas, it only works untill several hours later when: Hmmm, what sounds good? Peanut butter sandwich? Ok. I guess I just don’t have the makings to be one of those “starve myself” kind of people.
   In reality that’s fine by me. I just wish there was some way to not have to go to the store all the time and still have food on hand. Take out is to much money to do all the time especially in my budget.
  Some may say buying in bulk is the solution! But I just can’t bring myself to allocate a large portion of my funds to something I will probably tire of will be like a waste if money. That makes me more upset than having to buy groceries every week!
  Maybe I should invent something that generates the food I want with out having to leave the house…. My grandma would say how about a food replicator. And I would remind her this isn’t Startrek….. Silly Grandma!!! :-p 
  So I guess I am stuck with these options untill technology catches up with my demand. Ugh….untill next time

More is less?

I have decided to start a diet. My sister had been doing this diet for a while now and looks great! It is really easy. She says it doesn’t seem like a “diet” I say she is a bit loopy. But that’s ok. Really I’m just a little competetive (a lot you will come to find out) and want to see if I can beat her at this game. 😉 Also, get healthier. I will keep you posted on how it progresses.