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You are lucky you aren’t alive Ben Franklin

I have been reading about Ben Franklin. I read his autobiography and enjoyed it all, except when it ended. I am not entirely sure what I was expecting. But it wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be. Not to say it wasn’t very a interesting and quick read. Because I very much enjoyed the way it was phrased along with the collection of stories He thought would be important and worth leaving behind. Of course history tells us that so much more happened than what ol’ Benny boy told us.
I get the impression of Franklin that he would have been a real jerk had he not actively worked on being humble. Mostly because that’s what he said about himself! He loved a good debate and lively conversation. He studied ways of debating so as never to be proven wrong, in fact. As someone who also likes to argue and lively conservation: I completely understand.
He also talks about being frugal and pinching every penny. This he was very good at. As many of his successes would be contributed to his ability to manage his funds. He often wrote about being smart and thrifty. I think to myself: if I could manage my money half as well as he suggest I would be twice as well off. Of course along with being thrifty is being diligent with work and behavior. Infact the reason we have day light savings is because of Franklin. He was on a trip to london once and noticed how the people would sleep untill many hours into day light and burn candles into the night. At the same time complain about the tax on candles.
He had such a reputation that almost no proposition he supported failed. He had so much influence! To this day he is well known and respected. Yes, there are always idiots who will not know who he was or have a completely inaccurate view of who he was.
In reality there could never be another like him. No one person will be able to have so much influence and industry as he did. He is definitely one of the top five people in history I would want to meet. I hope you pick up a history book or his autobiography and learn a little about this interesting man who still has so much influence in our day to day lives.